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who fight for workers only.

All workers in New Zealand have rights. We are here to help you enforce your rights.

Problems in the workplace can be stressful.  Advocates and employment lawyers are sometimes too expensive to engage for day-to-day issues so they often go unresolved.  

At the Worker's Advocate, we aim to keep costs affordable. 

Our area of expertise

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Media interviews & Some of our notable cases in the news

  • 'Call me daddy': Bar manager claims underpayment and harassment at iconic Auckland rainbow bar Read Stuff Article

  • Sham rolling contracts put workers in ‘perpetual state of uncertainty Read newsroom article

  • Cleaning boss who refuses to pay wages claims she's being treated unfairly Read Stuff Article

  • Can't pay, or won't pay? How a cleaning boss has dodged a $120,000 wages bill for three years Read Stuff Article

  • The body meant to resolve employer-employee disputes has huge backlog of cases with long delays common Read Stuff Article

  • Mediation services facing long delays post-Covid, slowing justice for aggrieved workers Read Stuff Article 

  • UFB worker attempts to put Chorus on spot amid boost for mooted class action lawsuit Read Stuff Article

  • One year after taking his case for unpaid wages, Anil Verma has been awarded $75,000 Read Stuff Article

  • Auckland cleaning firm operating through Groupon, GrabOne to pay at least $123,700 to workers Read Stuff Article

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