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Any Issue Can be Resolved


At The Worker's Advocate Ltd, we are confident that we can help you resolve any issue. Our cases generally fall into the following areas:


Breaches of employment agreements and breaches of legislation: 

We are highly familiar with the relevant legislation including the Employment Relations Act 2000, Minimum Wage 1983, Holidays Act 2003, Wages Protection Act 1983, and the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992. READ MORE

Representing Employees:

We have experience defending employees for allegations of both minor and serious misconduct. Some allegations which we have successfully defended in the past. READ MORE


We can review your employment agreement and help you bargain with your employer for better terms and conditions. We have experience bargaining over collective agreements, individual employment agreements, redundancy, exit packages, and other types of settlement.


Personal Grievances:

We help you raise grievances for unfair, unreasonable and unjustifiable actions taken by employers. Some common grievances which we have dealt with include those concerning: unjustified warnings, suspensions, and dismissal, constructive dismissal, discrimination. READ MORE

Disputes over the meaning of the terms of your employment agreement. Some common disputes concern: fixed term agreements, trial periods,

the meaning of probation, casual versus permanent employment, training pay, and contractor versus employee. READ MORE

Migrant Exploitation:

If you are working on a temporary visa, or without a proper visa and you are not receiving your minimum statutory entitlements, you have a claim and should contact us immediately. READ MORE

Sham Fixed Term Employment Agreements:

We review fixed term employment agreements to make sure that they are genuine and consistent with the Employment Relations Act 2000. We can also help you assert that you are a permanent employee. READ MORE


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