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Representation and Bargaining

Representing Employees: We represent and assist employees in variety of situations

including: as support in disciplinary meetings, redundancy meetings, performance reviews or

performance pay schemes, mediation, Employment Relations Authority, and the Employment Court.

We have experience defending employees for allegations of both minor and serious

misconduct. Some allegations which we have successfully defended in the past include:

bringing the company/employer into disrepute, negligence, failure to observe safety rules,

unauthorised absences, misuse of company property, being under the influence of drugs or

alcohol, failure to comply with directions, unauthorised possession of company property,

deliberate damage to company property, falsification of company records, theft, dishonesty,

harassment, assault, lateness, absenteeism, insubordination, and so on.

Bargaining: We can review your employment agreement and help you bargain with your

employer for better terms and conditions. We have experience bargaining over collective

agreements, individual employment agreements, redundancies, exit packages, and other

types of settlement.

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