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About Us

All workers in New Zealand have rights.

We are here to help you enforce your rights.

Employees have strong rights in New Zealand.  However, many employers either do not understand these rights, or actively choose to breach them. We believe that it is best to attempt to solve problems  as quickly as possible.  The vast majority of employment problems can be solved by a simple phone call or discussion. Sometimes it is necessary to attend mediation to work things out.  On some occasions cases must be taken to the Employment Relations Authority and, if so, it is essential to have a  knowledgable advocate in your corner.

About the Director

Director and Worker Advocate for The Worker's Advocate Ltd, Nathan Santesso.

Nathan Santesso 

LLB (Hons)

I have a Bachelor of Laws degree with Honours from the University of Auckland.

For the past few years I have been working with unions and other organizations which promote workers' rights and better working conditions. I am here to help workers fight back against unfair and unreasonable employers.  No problem is too small or trivial.  All workers, regardless of immigration status, can count on me for help.

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Company Mascot

Australian terrier and chihuahua mix

I'm Mojo and I hold the esteemed position of company mascot for The Worker's Advocate Limited. 

I am a kind and understanding dog but will not tolerate bad employers. Yes, I may bite if provoked.


Australian terrier and chihuahua mix

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